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We made this website to help people share new and interesting ways to use their food scraps and cut down on food waste. This list is 100% user generated, please feel free to add your own ideas. 

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Why waste matters

Today, nearly 40% of food in the U.S. gets wasted. 90% of that waste ends up in landfills where it is then burned and turned into methane, a greenhouse gas that is 30 times as destructive as carbon. Rather than sending our food to landfills, there are many more beneficial uses for food as detailed on the Food Recovery Pyramid.

What you can do

While we need solutions on an industry level, we can all start by taking care of our own food waste at home! When we cook it's easy to discard the odds and ends of food. Instead, try one of the Food Scraps recipes below to explore creative ways to reuse food in your kitchen.

Food Scraps Recipes

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